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You buy per 100 points which cost
Minimum amount you can purchase
500 points (5.50$)


Price & Discount check (excl. VAT)
Point amount 0
Points price 0.00$
Discount 0%
Total: 0.00$

How to claim your points ingame?

We receive the callback of your payment mostly instant.
Although it can sometimes take up to 10 minutes due to network load at our payment provider.
You just have to type ::donated after you have ordered the points.

What can I do with Sponsor Points?

Mainly points are used for buying items in the Sponsor store, you can also buy a sponsor rank to improve your experience.

Sponsor rank features

You can add your 'days' to your current days, for example:
If you already have 180 days of sponsor you can buy the Respected rank to become Legendary.

Normal Premium Respected Legendary
Price 990 Points
(32 points a day)
4990 Points
(28 points a day)
8590 Points
(24 points a day)
Days 30 180 360
Special bar recharge on kill 15% 25% 35% 40%
Yell 30 sec/msg 20 sec/msg 10 sec/msg
Display name change Month
(30 days)
2 Weeks
(14 days)
2 Weeks
(14 days)
Sponsor island (::di)
Instant bank (::bank)